Active Release Technique (A.R.T.)

Active release technique can be used effectively to evaluate the function of the muscles, fasciae, tendons, ligaments and nerves surrounding the affected area.  Dysfunctional or abnormal tissues are then treated by the application of proper tension to the dysfunctional area with specific motion.

The process involves the following protocol:

  • Evaluate involved region/s;
  • Treat involved structures, by reducing contraction and tension in the muscles, and helping to restore proper movement and function. The body has it’s own ability to heal, and ART can help facilitate that;
  • Provide home care instruction;
  • Re-evaluate patient’s progress after 6-8 treatments.

If the patient’s examinations reveal that the individual has a structural issue – such as a tear of the labrum – then other diagnostic tools, including conservative treatments, are utilized to determine if the patient could be a surgical candidate, or would benefit by a complimentary treatment.

Who can benefit from ART?

  • Athletes- for injury prevention, peak performance, a safer workout & quicker recovery from injury;
  • Children- experience a drug-free approach to health;
  • Pregnant woman & infants- for a more comfortable pregnancy & for a healthier baby;
  • The elderly- for more energy and mobility;
  • Office workers- sedentary workers who often suffer from headaches, neck, shoulder, TMJ & wrist problems;
  • Families- to help the entire family get healthy and stay healthy!

Dr. Caddoo is a Full Body ART Providers (Upper Extremity, Lower Extremity, and Spine) and Dr. O’Connor is certified in Spine and Upper Extremity